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How do I apply my Lamb Lashes?

Please see our helpful YouTube video under the Tutorials tab.

Can I use other lash glue with Lamb Lashes?

Absolutely! Lamb Lashes are regular strip lashes that can be used with any normal lash glue (except magnetic). But of course we recommend using our game changing easy-to-use Miracle Liner lash adhesive for best results.

Can I use the Miracle Liner lash adhesive with other lash brands?

You sure can! Our Miracle Liner is universal to all regular strip lashes except magnetic. 

How do I clean my Lamb Lashes™?

We recommend taking a cotton swab and dousing it with oil-free makeup remover (oil will not ruin your Lamb Lashes, but they can weigh down the lashes and cause them to not look as fluffy). Take the cotton swab and run along the lash band to remove any excess Miracle Liner. You can also gently pick off any clumps of Miracle Liner off the band with your fingers (WARNING: the lash band can rip and tear as it is made of cotton strings so please do this with the upmost care and attention). Then continue using the cotton swab and gently brush off any excess makeup from the lashes themselves. Leave to dry but for best results, use a lash/eyebrow spoolie to fluff up the lashes a few times during the drying process.

How often do I clean my Lamb Lashes?

Make sure to clean your Lamb Lashes whenever you notice they have built up Miracle Liner on the band or excess makeup on the lashes. You really don't need to clean them that often--the less you clean them, the less wear n' tear and therefore the more uses you can get out of them! However, we do recommend sanitizing the lashes with a few gentle sprays of 70% rubbing alcohol after each use.

How many wears can I get from a set of Lamb Lashes?

If you are handling your Lamb Lashes with care & storing them properly in their original boxes or our beautiful rose gold Lash Travel & Storage Case, you can get many wears out of your Lamb Lashes. Most sets ideally last 15-20+ wears. For best results, we recommend not applying any other makeup directly to the Lamb Lashes (mascara especially) and only cleaning the lashes when necessary. 

How do I size my Lamb Lashes to fit my eye?

We always recommend sizing your Lamb Lashes to fit your eye. Everyone has different eye shapes so sizing them properly is key so that they look and feel the best! Here are some tips on how to properly size your Lamb Lashes to fit your eye (please note: you do not need any makeup or Miracle Liner on the lashes when you are sizing them): 

  1. First determine which lash is for your right eye and wish lash is for your left eye. The lash tray is designed to look like a set of eyes. So hold the lash tray in front of you with the crescents and lashes facing away from you. The lash on the left is for your left eye and the lash on the right is for your right eye. Another easy tip is if you have a style with longer lashes at the edges, those longer lashes will always be the outer corner of the lashes. 
  2. Gently remove each lash from the tray from the outer corner. You can use your fingers or our handy rose gold Sweezers to remove the lashes from the tray. Always make sure you are gripping the whole lash band and NOT the actual lashes when removing from the tray. 
  3. Hold the Lamb Lashes up to your eye and line up the inner corner of the lashes where your natural lashes start growing on the inner corner of your eye. If you line them up closer to the inner corner of your eye than where your natural lashes start growing, this will cause discomfort when you wear your lashes and will also lead to lash lifting throughout the day. 
  4. Once the inner corner is lined up properly, you will notice if there is any overhang on the outer corner of your lashes. The overhang is what you will be wanting to trim off.
  5. Use our rose gold Scissors or any other fine-tip cosmetic scissors to trim your Lamb Lashes. DO NOT use large regular scissors or else it could wreck the lashes.
  6. Trim a small amount off the outer corner of the Lamb Lashes a little at a time. Careful to not trim too much at a time--you cannot go back once the lashes have been cut! Continue to realign the lashes to your inner corner to check to see if you have trimmed enough on the outer edges of the lashes.
  7. Pro Tip: When you have worn your Lamb Lashes many times and are about to throw them away--do not throw them away until you have bought a new set. Use your old set of lashes to line up to your new set and you can trim them using your old set as a sizing reference!

Where can I buy Lamb Lashes products if I don't want to pay shipping?

Check out the Retail Location section of our website to see if there is a local shop you can pop into to get your hands on your favorite Lamb Lashes products! We highly recommend giving the retail location a call first to make sure they have what you are looking for in stock. For those who have a public accessible mailbox in the YQR city limits, you get free delivery for orders over $60 (before taxes/shipping). Alternatively, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok to get updates on when we will be at local pop-up shops, markets or trade shows! (Social media handles are available at the bottom right hand corner of our website)

I live in YQR and have over $60 in my cart but it isn't showing a Free Delivery option at check-out?

Canada Post has incorrect postal codes stored in their system so in most cases, it's the postal code that is causing this error. Go back to the address section and input your street address and let the system pre-populate the postal code. If the postal code that pre-populates is different than what yours is normally, do not change what was pre-populated by the system. If you correct the postal code, the system will not recognize you are within YQR and will not offer a Free Delivery option. If this still does not work, please email us at info@lamblashes.com or DM on Instagram @lamb_lashes.

Are Lamb Lashes vegan & cruelty-free?

Yes! We are absolutely so proud to be able to say that ALL of our Lamb Lashes products are vegan & cruelty-free. In the cosmetics industry you have to be careful when products claim to be "cruelty-free". The definition of "cruelty-free" can be quite subjective. At Lamb Lashes, our products are made without any animal by-products and without any animal testing. Our lashes are made of completely synthetic faux mink or synthetic silk materials. Some mink lashes are made with real mink hair and claim to be "cruelty-free". Please be consumer aware and feel free to research the realities of mink farms for lash product purposes. 

What is the difference between Lamb Lashes Miracle Liner lash adhesive and regular lash glue?

There are MANY differences between our Miracle Liner lash adhesive and regular lash glue:

  • Our Miracle Liner is completely nontoxic and paraben free. It also does not contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde or allergy sensitive ingredients such as latex. All of our Miracle Liner lash adhesive ingredients are printed directly on the box and also can be found on the Miracle Liner product page on the website. DYK? You can develop an allergy to latex from over exposure to it? That is why some people can wear lash extensions for years and all of a sudden react to them and cannot wear them anymore :(
  • Our Miracle Liner comes in the form of a convenient pen and not a frustrating tube or brush-on applicator. 
  • You can choose either clear or black Miracle Liner colours. The clear applies white-ish and dries completely clear. The black applies smooth and sleek like a regular liquid eyeliner but is also the lash adhesive so you get a 2-in-1 liquid eyeliner and lash adhesive in one product! 
  • You do not have to wait a super long time for the adhesive to get tacky like you do with regular lash glue. With our black Miracle Liner, basically draw along your upper lash line and you are good to go to immediately apply the Lamb Lashes. With our clear Miracle Liner, once the adhesive has turned from white to clear, you are good to apply the Lamb Lashes. Please note: if you over-apply the clear Miracle Liner, you will have to wait longer until it turns clear before applying the Lamb Lashes™.